Signs That Your Tree is Sick

A lot of property owners wonder if their trees are healthy or just suffering from insect infestations or compromising diseases. While you can observe at your own tree and interpret signals and signs, still you will not totally know and understand if what you’re seeing is only a sign of your concern. With that being said, if you see yourself worrying about a tree, a professional and experience tree care can definitely help you. The following are some of the few most common warning signs which may indicate dying or sick tree:

1. Leaf Holes and Spots

Leaf holes and spots are usually a very good sign of disease. When talking about leaf spots, it is very essential to remember that they can be vary in shape and size. In addition to that, you should always keep in mind that the majority of spots are caused by the fungal infections. But there are particular bacterial diseases which can actually cause leaf spots. As a matter of fact, signs of insect infestations include damages which result in leaf holes. When your tree has leaf holes or spots, it is most likely suffering from fungal infections or insect infestations.

2. Cankers

Dead portions of the tree’s bark can basically be an indication of tree cankers. Having said that, tree cankers can happen on the branches of the tree or its trunk. As an indication of injury, bacterial infection or fungal infection, tree cankers can also cause extreme damages or even the death of a tree if left neglected.

3. Early Leaf Drop

When the leaves drop before they are expected to during the fall months, it is termed to as an early leaf drop. It often indicates serious soil and root disorders, and vascular diseases and boring insect infestations.

4. Canopy Dieback

It is a term which means the decline of the canopy of a tree. If your tree is not looking as scattered or abundant as it has during the past, it could also mean a decline in the tree’s overall health. Aside from that, canopy dieback can also be the result of an insect infestation, old age, soil compaction, environmental stressors, and diseases. Furthermore, if the canopy dieback is isolated to particular areas of your tree, it could basically be an indication of extremely invasive and harmful pests such as the emerald ash borer.

5. Brown and Yellow Leaves

Brown and yellow leaves are actually a good sign that your trees are in big trouble. A lot of homeowners do not get up close to their trees in order to see other signs however, brown and yellow leaves can indicate that the trees on your property is nutrient deficient or may be suffering from heat stress and drought.

6. Cavities

Hollows, holes and cavities can actually develop in your tree for several reasons. These include injury, buried root collars, over-mulching or stress. Furthermore, these causes can result in vascular collapse and also, decay pockets in the wood. If this is the case, you may need to hire a professional tree removal Charlotte NC service provider.